Burke Virtual Assistant Agency – The Virtual Executive Assistant

I have spent over 30  years as an Executive Assistant; many years of memories.

One memory which sticks out in my mind, is when I was working for a very large company, reporting to the President and CFO.  I learned very quickly, how some can stereotype an Executive Assistant.  It wasn’t so much about knowledge, but more about image.

I know this isn’t how all businesses look at Executive Assistants, but some do.  When I was hired I was a size 4; over time and with certain things that were going on in my life, I gained weight and was now in a size 12.  The way I looked at my weight gain, was my body was storing everything to provide me with energy to cope with the stress I was under.  I didn’t feel I would have to explain this to my employer.

I was told, “you were a 10 when we hired you, but now you are a 2”.  After I heard that, I packed up my office and left.  I know I had a lot to lose, but my self-esteem and self-worth were far more valuable to me, than the money I made at this job.

I gave myself the Gift of a Year after listening to such disgrace.   I couldn’t afford it financially, but regardless, I did it!

I have learned many things in my life, while being an Executive Assistant; I suppose after 30 years of working in this industry, I decided I needed to do what was best for me and to stop judgement.

This is when I ventured into the Virtual World!  Your image is your work!  As a Virtual Assistant, this allowed me to dive into areas that were “perfect” for me!  I gave myself the Gift of being able to control what “I” needed in my life, where “I” wanted to go with my career, and where “I” was comfortable.  I owed it to myself to be proud of my experiences and knowledge and provide the solid support to others not based on my physical image.  God Bless The Virtual World!

I’m sharing this story with you, in hopes to help and guide other Executive Assistants who may find they are in the same position as I found myself in.  There are options for you out there!  More gratifying options!

I know, this does not happen to all Executive Assistants, but there are a select few who find themselves putting up with this type of pressure; I’m here to share my story and to help them gain strength to find something better for themselves.

A couple of years ago, I created an Administrative Handbook, which focuses on support for the Executive/Administrative Assistant.  This handbook is not base on the job you do, but instead based on supporting you in your life as an Assistant.  I will be sharing chapters from this handbook, as time goes by.  I hope you will find some comfort from reading these chapters.


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