Burke Virtual Assistant Agency – Becoming A Virtual Assistant

After 30 years of being in the “Executive Assistant World”, the best thing I ever did was to expand my experience into the “Virtual World!”

For me, I needed creativity in my life; working Monday to Friday, from nine to five, typing letters, and pouring coffee was not enough for me.  I needed to have an outlet to pour my thoughts out in too.  It wasn’t until I worked at CMT (Country Music Television – Canada), where the bulb came on!  This was the first place I worked, where while sitting in the weekly staff meeting (even the cleaning crew was invited to attend) they encouraged “everyone” and I mean, “everyone” to contribute their creative ideas.  To be honest, I thought I won the lottery; to know they would entertain listening to my ideas!

Country Music Television helped me to dive into my creative mind!  Not everyone’s creativity is the same, and I believe that is what makes us unique!  It is knowing, it is okay to use your creativity and let it fill you up with the positive it brings to you.

Every single day, since I worked at CMT, I made sure I paid attention to my creative mind.  I didn’t shut it off!  I also believe in signs.  Approximately, eight years after CMT, was the birth of Social Media!  An endless amount of creativity!  I researched and researched and there it was – The Virtual Assistant avenue that was calling my name!

As a Virtual Assistant, I can work for as many different businesses and individuals as I would like too; bringing variety!  As a creative person, I need variety; there is no other way of looking at it.  It has truly been a blessing to me.

I encourage anyone, who is struggling with your “next game plan” in an administrative position, to venture out and do your own research into the Virtual World.  It has brought me more gratitude to my life, more happiness, and more freedom!  Life is short – why not find something in your career that can not only free up time for your family, but bring you peace in your career.



8 thoughts on “Burke Virtual Assistant Agency – Becoming A Virtual Assistant

  1. Remembering Lives says:

    Im looking at the employment now becoming available to older people (fifty plus) thanks to new techology. I would love to learn a little more about your experiences as a virtual assistant. If you are not in the fifty plus age bracket. Do you know of anybody else in that age bracket who might be willing to answer a few questions?
    Fascinating article. 🙂

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